Solid State

by Futon Blonde

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Vocals: Janson, Mark
Guitar: Janson, Mark, (additional guitar by Ross Woods)
Bass: Mark
Drums: Josh

Cover art by Manny Rangel
Design by Jeff Gammill


released March 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Futon Blonde Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Ain't That Cute
woman give him your hand
seal the deal right in the
sand khaki white shirt plan
you found a good man
consolation prize for the rest of your lifespan

guess you found a keeper social climber pantomimer
televise your new good timer hunk of man can go all nighter
startup co-op doppleganger momma's PC power ranger
never raise a thing in anger faceless tasteless entertainer

goddamn that's a lot yeah
got a new hot shot well

girl you rest assured
all movement's forward
jettison the backtrack glance
blood on your hands
you can build a life till it's worthy of a wristband

me I'm just a critic fit the bill until I bit it
hit it quit it parasitic if I want it then I nick it
if I have it back to static affect lack is automatic
acquisition as a habit tragic addict like it tacit

that's life with your old flame
got yourself a new name
hope it helps you maintain

that’s all right girl
that’s all right gotta lot of time now

this is just like us
moving on to make a fuss
we've got matching lack of trust
ain't that cute as a button
it's experimental love
Track Name: I Found A Life
I found a life
with a girl and vocation
25 now
earned the right
to lie down
death comes with patience
I found a life
no reason this'll be the last one

god given right
to lease our
two little lives
we've eked out
I slide along
this rote route

is this the one
life where I belong

I hung around
and let my loving good graces
fade away
that's the least I could do girl
I chose a life of wish fulfillment
wax and wane
a life maintained
is all I ever asked for

I found a life
that's decent
it don't come around
most centuries
god given right
living easy

20 years of hibernation
Two gold stars for those who make it
20 years of hibernation
Track Name: Long Day
breathe in the lies you like till it feels right
and everyone everyone's allowed a womb
with their own night light
you'll be just fine if you don't go blind

we're stuck here a while
but we get to play
on this god's little earth
it's one long day
we're safe and sound
and sound of mind
so now we're asking why
this place this time

oh forever grateful for this chance
yeah to sleep away the days and plans
now we've got our work cut out
I know the task at hand
but the now and never blend

I’m cracking up
from killing time
hydra headed seconds multiply
might've lost my mind

there's a road stretched out
the same stuck view
divvy up or drown in this endless
what's a boy to do

oh the day is done
is this what you want?
yeah it’s a big geronimo

oh you stole some fun
time is up now what
yeah cause it’s the big one now
Track Name: Unclaimed
no one else will love her
no one else’ll stay
a million lives worth living
for always

we could have each other
we dread a life unclaimed
well here I am I'm waiting
for some way
some way

it's swimming dream reasoning
that says we could
I don't want to wake
save all the parallel lives for another time

you could be the one time and space girl
we'll die of single mind
I'm stuck on plenty thinking
for all time
Track Name: Skip A Turn
stand here today
with the fruits of a fate
I so lovingly
doomed myself to receive
waiting on the word
to pull me out
starving for a clue

I curse the earth
that allowed this
skipped a turn
now I'm paying for it
waiting out the weather
news from above
drowning like a chicken looks up

says okay
then she runs to her room head hung
does she play
a special game
high stakes but no end
wondering is that all

sat along the docks at secret bay
struggling to breathe in old ways
cigarettes were skipping
mars mocked above
blinking reminders we're alone

I submit to a lack of interest
holds me afloat
I’ll calcify when I'm left alone
who am I threatening now
oh no

found it on a lake
found it on the outside walls of pressure
memory is a fake
found it on the outside walls of ruin

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